ECHO FESTIVAL Usama Iftikhar April 19, 2023




Dubai, UAE




Brand Experience

A collaboration between Key Concept, FMM Dubai and One Third, the installation is an immersive transitory space that magnifies the things in our lives that we often overlook. The exterior shell creates a camouflage effect and mirrors the space around us. Seeing these vertical changing “ممنوع “ coloured lights lures in a person to come closer and see more of this mirage. Upon reading (mamno’u – eng: forbidden) on the circumference of the space, it redirects you to the 3 openings. Each one of the three are placed in an equidistant triangular form so the exit is not in sight.

The reflective panels transform and gets more distorted as one explores the space where different portions of your body are distorted in different scales and in different fragments. Moving projections adds in another dimension to the static area and creates a movement that makes every single moment unique. Fleeting like our memories, they come and they fade. A detachment to the environment cancelling all the noise through the headsets creates a deafening silence. It reminds one to focus on what’s inside and what really matters to us as a person and as part of a whole.

“A fraction of inscribed reflections”

The theme defined by One Third as the destination would be translated by FMM into graphic artworks, with a cultural perspective. The reflective panels will then act to create depth of field and a sense of continuum as a person move along the panels. The lighting plays a role of blurring the lines in between. A looping sound and even scent will be integrated into the panels to create a truly sensory experience for the passer-by and the users.